Hayden Grove Senior Living offers elegant restaurant-style dining, as well as more casual bistro style offerings for residents or families on-the-go. We understand the importance of providing our residents with the healthiest food choices possible, and that delicious, high-quality meals can provide our residents comfort, improve their mood, and help reduce stress and anxiety in their lives. Our chefs prepare a wide variety of fresh and delicious, well-balanced, meals 7 days a week.

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As both a culinary and social event, dining is an integral part of daily life at Hayden Grove Senior Living. The Hayden Grove Dining Program chefs and staff create memorable dining experiences that make each moment spent with us feel great. There is an exciting variety of options to appeal to the unique tastes and preferences at Hayden Grove Senior Living. Whether it’s a meal with new friends, a special event with family, or simply a time to reflect and relax, our dining service team is happy to accommodate your requests and needs.

Our approach to food and dining focuses on culinary integrity, health & wellness, and hospitality.


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